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Napa County is a wonderful place to visit. It’s also our home. To ensure that all who visit, live, work, play, and study here thrive, we need to do something about the big challenges related to climate, traffic congestion, health, affordability, and social inequity that we face. But most of us don’t know where to begin or what to do.

The good news is that we already have solutions for many of these challenges, and you can help! Napa County Climate Challenge’s platform is a one-stop shop, an on-line resource of actions that we can take to protect the environment, improve our quality of life, and connect with others in our community. Explore the site and you will find actions, resources, ways to save money, and opportunities to engage with your neighbors.

Here’s how it works: click on “Join the Challenge” below and choose one or more actions that fit your household.  You can also start a team with your friends or neighbors or join an existing one through your school, service club, religious organization, or employer.

The platform creates custom estimates of your impact and savings from each action you complete. It also shows the results of our combined efforts.

The platform will direct us to the organizations that will facilitate these and other actions. Taking action will result in less traffic, better air quality, reduced impact on the environment, and more money in our pockets.

We are all busy with many priorities in our lives, but just a few minutes and a few actions can make a difference!  These challenges are happening faster than anticipated and it is important that we act soon to ensure a safe and healthy future.

Please sign up and encourage your friends and neighbors to join us on this shared adventure. It’s easy AND fun!

Here’s to creating a better today and tomorrow for everyone in Napa County!

Gopal Shanker, President, Récolte Energy

Schools for Climate Action

Napa Climate NOW!

Visit Napa Valley

California Interfaith Power and Light

Napa Valley Clean Air Coalition

The Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser Foundation